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Yellow vests are back again!

Shares In the tough reality of street politics, it’s all about: put on a hi-vis vest – be cautious! Anyone […]

Israel Seeking Permanent Expulsion of Gaza’s Population to Egypt – UN Officials Warn of Ethnic Cleansing

Shares Israel’s armed forces, officially the Israeli Defence Forces, are reportedly seeking to engineer the mass expulsion of the Palestinian […]

How to argue about politics this Thanksgiving – The WP

Shares Could Biden lose? What to make of Trump’s authoritarian lean? If you’re going to argue about politics this Thanksgiving […]

Ukrainian Pilot Defects to Russia: U.S. Arms Cutoff and Counteroffensive Fallout Crush Morale

Shares Ukrainian Armed Forces pilot was reported on November 18 to have defected to Russia, with further details remaining uncertain. […]

Why Force Fails: The Dismal Track Record of U.S. Military Interventions

Shares American soldiers have been deployed abroad almost continuously since the end of World War II. The best-known foreign interventions—in […]

Press review. Daily compilation of important news in the international press

Shares Theft protection for food: “A sign of people’s distress” Customers at the Lidl branch in Berlin-Weissensee have now discovered […]

Energy bills: Britons urged to switch on heating now to save money this winter

Shares BRITONS could save thousands of pounds this winter by turning on their boilers now. read more

„Millionen Mieter werden ihre Heizkosten nicht zahlen können“

Shares Lukas Siebenkotten fordert besseren Kündigungsschutz und ein Schuldenmoratorium. Sonst könnten ein Drittel der Menschen ihre Energierechnung nicht bezahlen. Heike […]

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