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Yellow vests are back again!

In the tough reality of street politics, it’s all about: put on a hi-vis vest – be cautious! Anyone wearing […]

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IL-76 military aircraft was shot down over the Belgorod region in Russia

On January 24, an IL-76 military aircraft was shot down over the Belgorod region in Russia. There were 65 prisoners […]

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Israel Seeking Permanent Expulsion of Gaza’s Population to Egypt – UN Officials Warn of Ethnic Cleansing

Israel’s armed forces, officially the Israeli Defence Forces, are reportedly seeking to engineer the mass expulsion of the Palestinian population […]


How to argue about politics this Thanksgiving – The WP

Could Biden lose? What to make of Trump’s authoritarian lean? If you’re going to argue about politics this Thanksgiving and […]

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Americans afraid to walk alone at night hits three-decade high, nearly 30 percent fear being murdered

Spiking crime rates have left four in ten Americans weary of nighttime walks in their neighborhood, according to recent polling. Forty […]

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Germany financial sector facing dark clouds, Bundesbank warns

Germany’s financial firms may be well capitalised now but face challenges ranging from rising interest expenditure and weak loan demand […]

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Far-Right Icon Predicted to Win Dutch Elections

The party of Geert Wilders, a longtime political provocateur with a history of antipathy toward immigrants and Islam, held a […]

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Ukrainian Pilot Defects to Russia: U.S. Arms Cutoff and Counteroffensive Fallout Crush Morale

Ukrainian Armed Forces pilot was reported on November 18 to have defected to Russia, with further details remaining uncertain. A […]

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Politico: Political cartoons from the desk of Matt Wuerker.

Political cartoons from November 2023. See more:

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Eurozone Economy Shrinks, While Price Pressures Ease

Economic growth contracted 0.1 percent last quarter, and inflation in October fell to a two-year low, a sign that high […]

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