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Oil prices rise on supply deficit concerns

Sept 19 (Reuters) – Oil prices rose on Tuesday for the fourth consecutive session, as weak shale output in the […]

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Canada’s Trans Mountain pipeline may face 9-month delay over route dispute

Trans Mountain Corp (TMC) has asked the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) to change the approved route on a 1.3-kilometre (0.8 […]

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Japan tells WTO China’s seafood ban over Fukushima water ‘unacceptable’

Japanese officials have signalled Tokyo may file a formal WTO complaint over China’s trade restrictions. Japan has told the World […]

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US’s Blinken lands in China but hopes for breakthrough low

US’s top diplomat aims to keep lines of communication open amid heightened tensions between two countries. Antony Blinken, the United […]

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When Will the Debt Ceiling Debate End?

“When will the Republicans quit fighting about the debt?” That’s the big unspoken question, if you read the popular press. […]

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New Zealand central bank says economy slowing, still not sure if rates high enough

WELLINGTON, March 23 (Reuters) – A top New Zealand central banker on Thursday said interest rates were clearly in contractionary […]


Bank of England raises rates, says inflation set to fade

LONDON, March 23 (Reuters) – The Bank of England (BoE) raised interest rates for the 11th time in a row […]


Purchasing power vs support for Ukraine

According to Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus, the deterioration of economic conditions in NATO member countries has affected people’s […]

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International Economic Forum in Russia

Statement by the head of the Russian Central Bank: there will be no ban on the dollar and the euro […]

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