In Ukraine, it is a week-old scandal, it came to the West with a delay. Human Rights Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova, who reported on the mass rape of Ukrainian civilians by Russian occupiers, has now admitted that she was making up.

She left office unexpectedly a week ago when she was removed by the Ukrainian parliament. He cited just unsubstantiated allegations of boundless Russian rape as a reason. Denisov herself was silent for a long time. But now she has admitted that she was “exaggerating.” In her defense, she said she was doing so because she wanted to persuade the West to send more weapons to Ukraine. No evidence Deputies told Denisov at the end of May that information about alleged sexual assaults by Russian troops “was not substantiated and diverted the world’s media from Ukraine’s real needs,” The Epoch Times reported on Thursday. In an interview with the Ukrainian news server, Denisova said that the information about the rapes she was spreading was used to get Ukraine more military aid. She also admitted that “perhaps some allegations of rape may have been exaggerated.”


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