Member of the Moscow branch of the Union of Writers of Russia, author of novels Kabul-Kavkaz (2003, Vagrius), Turkmenka (2011, Book Club 36.6), The Age of Suicide (2009, Novaya Gazeta – Kazakhstan), A Shot in Vienna (2020, Litres), Peaceful Time – 2021 (2021, Litres), Briefe aus den Garten Eden (2015, Novum Verlag, Austria), Letters from Paradise (2016, Strelbytsky Electronic Publishing, Ukraine), several short story collections.

Winner of the F.M. Dostoevsky Prize of the Russian Federation for his novel A Shot in Vienna. Journalist, international observer and expert on Central Asia (German media holding DW (1998-2020) and the Russian Eurasia Heritage Foundation (2008-2021). Chief Analyst at the Eurasia Heritage Foundation (from 2022).