June 28 is the date of the Sarajevo assassination, which set fire to the powder keg of Europe in 1914 and provoked the First World War. After two world wars and 50 million deaths of Europeans, the European continent has committed itself to achieving peace. Alas, the European Union has gradually turned away from the reality of the European Community. The Yugoslav crisis of the 1990s — with the symbolic siege of Sarajevo! – revealed the European impotence to implement peace. The Ukrainian war shows the desire for war, which raises the question: what is the EU for? What is the Council of Europe for? What is the use of the OSCE in the near future if it does not become more active?

Quelle: https://lecourrierdesstrateges.fr/2022/06/28/lunion-europeenne-a-trahi-le-plus-jamais-sarajevo-qui-etait-sa-raison-detre-a-quoi-sert-elle-desormais/