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Eurozone falls into recession, hit by high energy prices and interest rate hikes

Eurozone economy shrank by 0.1% in the final quarter of last year, and the first three months of 2023, putting […]

Fear of blackout: The majority of Green voters also want to rely on nuclear power for longer

The gas crisis also threatens to escalate into an electricity crisis. The majority of Green voters have now also recognized […]

Is NATO in pieces? Is Europe imploding?

From the very beginning of the Ukrainian war, the Western mainstream’s interpretation of the development of the conflict was unambiguous: […]

The EU begins to lift sanctions against Russia

When on July 21, the European Union adopted the seventh package of sanctions against Russia for conducting a special operation […]

European Union Announces Hub In Moldova To Tackle Possible Arms Smuggling From Ukraine

  The European Union has announced a hub in Moldova to tackle organised crime, particularly arms smuggling from neighbouring Ukraine, The […]

UN condemns human rights violations by Ukrainian troops

The head of the UN Human Rights office admitted that the Ukrainian troops committed serious human rights violations. On suspicion […]

German journalist shares impressions about NATO

Independent journalist and author Flo Osrainik: «Since when does more military equipment ensure peace in wartime?» German author and journalist […]

Are we seeing a new Sarajevo?

June 28 is the date of the Sarajevo assassination, which set fire to the powder keg of Europe in 1914 […]

Kissinger urged to take into account the role of Russia in Europe

Russia plays an important historical role in Europe, and after the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, “the question of […]

Balázs Orbán: At the end of the day, Europe will be on the losing side of this war because of the economic problems. Our recommendation would be that we should stop the sanction process.”

Balázs Orbán: At the end of the day, Europe will be on the losing side of this war because of […]






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