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Yellow vests are back again!

In the tough reality of street politics, it’s all about: put on a hi-vis vest – be cautious! Anyone wearing […]

Eurozone Economy Shrinks, While Price Pressures Ease

Economic growth contracted 0.1 percent last quarter, and inflation in October fell to a two-year low, a sign that high […]

Almost 1 million people across Europe are homeless on any given night

Report says homelessness is worsening across EU and UK, with only Denmark and Finland making progress Almost 1 million people […]

Austria Learns About Muslim Hate

By Raymond Ibrahim The good people of Austria are shocked — shocked, I say! — to learn that the Muslims they’ve […]

Russia: Giving F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine a ‘colossal risk’

Western countries ‘are still adhering to the escalation scenario’ that risks widening the Ukraine war in Europe, says deputy foreign […]

Top Austrian diplomat: EU position on anti-Russian sanctions not shared by most countries

Europe’s position on anti-Russian sanctions finds no understanding among most of the nations of the world, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander […]

Afghan journalist N. Atsakzai on possible nuclear war in Europe


Afghan journalist N. Atsakzai on possible nuclear war in Europe

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The future of Europe in a changing world

Karin Kneissl is an energy analyst and author of 14 books and many articles on energy-related topics. She has taught […]

The effectiveness of sanctions, Russia’s isolation and Ukraine’s victory – three major illusions of the West

Die Welt columnist Jacques Schuster called on Western politicians to recognize the obvious and resolve the о conflict diplomatically. In […]






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