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DR Congo leader urges Macron to back sanctions against Rwanda

Macron says he would wait for the end of several peace negotiation efforts before considering such a step. Democratic Republic […]

Ukraine: the politics of emotions versus economic and strategic realities

Washington’s support for the Ukrainian army has never wavered since 2014 after the Maidan events; it is clear that Washington […]

Macron is preparing an all-out war against Russia… and no one is flinching!

Macron’s statement about the possible entry into the military economy did not shock anyone, said Éric Verhaeghe. However, the war […]

General de Gaulle and Vladimir Putin as fighters against American hegemony

De Gaulle sketched out what Vladimir Putin is trying to achieve half a century later, says Edouard Husson. He draws […]

French army’s support of Ukraine draws France into the war

General Dominique Delawarde, former head of “Situation-Intelligence-Electronic Warfare” at the Joint Operational Planning Staff, analyzes the CEMA’s tweet, which emphasizes […]

Pro-Russian demonstration in Marseille has been announced

On June 25 there will be a demonstration in Marseille, Moncinelli Square. The rally was designed to protest the disinformation […]






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