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Yellow vests are back again!

In the tough reality of street politics, it’s all about: put on a hi-vis vest – be cautious! Anyone wearing […]

Germany financial sector facing dark clouds, Bundesbank warns

Germany’s financial firms may be well capitalised now but face challenges ranging from rising interest expenditure and weak loan demand […]

West to make no decisions regarding Ukraine behind its back — Scholz

The West will never make any decisions regarding Ukraine behind the back of its citizens, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said […]

Time in the Colony for Supporting Russia, or How Germany Fights Dissent

    Russophobia in Europe reached its peak in 2022. Germany, which Russia has been building friendly and warm business […]

Another isolated case of terrorism against Russians in Berlin

The Russian-German high school named after Lomonosov is once again at the centre of a scandal. The first time, on […]

Residents of Germany doubt the effectiveness of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Poll: Most Germans doubt effectiveness of sanctions against Russia About 47 percent of those polled in Germany expressed the opinion […]

German journalist shares impressions about NATO

Independent journalist and author Flo Osrainik: «Since when does more military equipment ensure peace in wartime?» German author and journalist […]

The green face of modern fascism

Translation into English, Veroníka Naidenova   The new fascism in Germany is much closer than many believe. And the Greens […]

Ukraine is the latest disaster of American Neocons

The Germans don’t want to hear it, but it’s part of the truth: American neocons are partly responsible for the […]

Sad story of a German businessman. He voted for the Greens, and now he has to close a business that’s 100 years old. He calls it a disaster. 1200 jobs down the drain






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