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We present you the exclusive interview with Jean-Marie Le Pen, 94, founder of “National Front”, main opposition party in France. He had answered to our questions on Ukraine and policy of active president Macron

  Nous vous présentons l’interview exclusive avec Jean-Marie Le Pen, fondateur du “Front National”, premier parti d’opposition de la France. […]

About the relations between Russia and the West, the Ukrainian crisis and the essence of Western politics

Icelandic Correspondent, Haukur Hauksson, talks to prominent Russian Social Scientists, political observer of international Eurasian movement, Darya Platonova about Russian […]


A world-famous pianist about the dehumanization of people from Donbass in the West and how she fights for peace. Part […]

Chair of the german “Friedensbrücke – Kriegsopferhilfe e.V.” Liane Kilinc in an interview with Vitalij Volkov in Moscow about the work of this foundation in the last 8 years in Russia and the Donbass

Chair of the german “Friedensbrücke – Kriegsopferhilfe e.V.” (Bridge of Peace – Aid for War Victims) Liane Kilinc in an […]

Timur Mukhamedov, representative of the all-Russian Uzbek diaspora, Advisor to the Head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities of Russia, public figure in interview to Vitaly Volkov

Charity assistance to orphans and soldiers in Donbass by the Uzbek diaspora in Russia.






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