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Trump: Ukraine should have refused to join NATO and recognize Crimea as Russian

The Ukrainian authorities could have prevented the start of a special military operation by recognizing Crimea as Russian territory and […]

Is NATO in pieces? Is Europe imploding?

From the very beginning of the Ukrainian war, the Western mainstream’s interpretation of the development of the conflict was unambiguous: […]

The Ukrainian army shelled the center of Donetsk, killing two and injuring five

In the afternoon of July 14, 2022, the Ukrainian army shelled the center of Donetsk with standard NATO 155-mm artillery, […]

British The Daily Telegraph says that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz may resign, Report informs

His policy may lead to his resignation. According to The Telegraph, once admired and envied, Germany is now the textbook […]

German journalist shares impressions about NATO

Independent journalist and author Flo Osrainik: «Since when does more military equipment ensure peace in wartime?» German author and journalist […]

Willy Wimmer:  Selenskyj is going crazy

According to news about the NATO conference in Madrid, the endless performer in the international media seems to have run […]

Spaniards demand dissolution of NATO in massive march in Madrid 

With shouts of “No war” and “No NATO” thousands of people marched in Madrid, protesting against the NATO summit in […]

How will NATO and the EU turn the Ukrainian conflict into a world war?

The new NATO summit will further increase tensions in Eastern Europe. Is this Alliance looking for more military expansion? Many […]

The US is strengthening its military presence in Spain and across Europe

In statements made during a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Madrid, the US president announced that his […]

Thousands of Spaniards protest in Madrid against the NATO summit

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Madrid to ask for peace and protest against the NATO summit, which will be held […]






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