Deutsche Wirtschaft in der Krise?

In diesem Frühjahr verspürten die Deutschen neue wirtschaftliche Probleme. Infolge der undurchdachten Sanktionspolitik der deutschen Behörden hat die Inflationsrate im […]

Willy Wimmer:  Selenskyj is going crazy

According to news about the NATO conference in Madrid, the endless performer in the international media seems to have run […]

Spaniards demand dissolution of NATO in massive march in Madrid 

With shouts of “No war” and “No NATO” thousands of people marched in Madrid, protesting against the NATO summit in […]

The US accused 5 Chinese companies of supporting the Russian army

The US Department of Commerce has accused five Chinese companies of supplying goods to Russian organizations even before the start […]

Russia strengthens ties with Africa and Asia, unlike the G7 

According to the British newspaper The Daily Mirror, in recent months Moscow has managed to strengthen ties with several strategically […]

There is no probability of Russia’s defeat in Ukraine

The ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine is aimed only at protecting the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine, analyst Daniel Lobato […]

The US is strengthening its military presence in Spain and across Europe

In statements made during a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Madrid, the US president announced that his […]

Thousands of Spaniards protest in Madrid against the NATO summit

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in Madrid to ask for peace and protest against the NATO summit, which will be held […]

Are we seeing a new Sarajevo?

June 28 is the date of the Sarajevo assassination, which set fire to the powder keg of Europe in 1914 […]

War in Ukraine: the new clothes of non-alignment

The West began a large-scale rearmament through NATO, which Sweden and Finland decided to join. Nicolas Baverez, a high-ranking French […]






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