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IL-76 military aircraft was shot down over the Belgorod region in Russia

On January 24, an IL-76 military aircraft was shot down over the Belgorod region in Russia. There were 65 prisoners […]

Ukrainian Pilot Defects to Russia: U.S. Arms Cutoff and Counteroffensive Fallout Crush Morale

Ukrainian Armed Forces pilot was reported on November 18 to have defected to Russia, with further details remaining uncertain. A […]

Evidence Suggests Ukrainian Missile Caused Market Tragedy

Evidence collected and analyzed by The New York Times, including missile fragments, satellite imagery, witness accounts and social media posts, […]

Do Not Underestimate Russia’s Resolve

In the time since the United States was founded in the 18th century, Russia has been invaded by Europeans six […]

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy appears to confirm loss of Bakhmut

HIROSHIMA, Japan, May 21 (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy appeared to confirm the loss of the city of Bakhmut […]

Russia: Giving F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine a ‘colossal risk’

Western countries ‘are still adhering to the escalation scenario’ that risks widening the Ukraine war in Europe, says deputy foreign […]

Russia’s nuke arms in Belarus is response to collective West — ex-top Yugoslav diplomat

Zhivadin Yovanovitch noted that the agreement between Moscow and Minsk followed the announcement of the UK about plans to supply […]

The Empire’s losing bet on Ukraine: Why bombs and sanctions haven’t crushed Russia

The two main tools of the US and its allies to crush countries that dare to challenge its hegemony are […]

Many In Eastern Ukraine Want To Join Russia (npr, 2017)

An update now from eastern Ukraine, where, for the last three years, Russia has fueled a separatist war. Vladimir Putin […]

Tennis Ukrainian player had ‘panic attack’ after chat with WTA chief

The Ukrainian Lesia Tsurenko has said she withdrew from the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells because of a panic […]






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