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Vladimir Putin

No break with Putin: Schröder: “The Kremlin wants a negotiated solution” – n-tv.de

  During his visit to Moscow last week, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder also met with Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. The […]

Trump: Ukraine should have refused to join NATO and recognize Crimea as Russian

The Ukrainian authorities could have prevented the start of a special military operation by recognizing Crimea as Russian territory and […]

What’s Putin’s next move?

With the fall of Severdonetsk last week, what might Russian President Vladimir Putin be thinking about the war in Ukraine, the consequences […]

Is Putin really the only one responsible for the war?

As Jean Goychman notes, in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he is only concerned about the future of France. […]

General de Gaulle and Vladimir Putin as fighters against American hegemony

De Gaulle sketched out what Vladimir Putin is trying to achieve half a century later, says Edouard Husson. He draws […]

“Russia does not interfere with the supply of Ukrainian grain to the world market, it wasn’t Russia who mine the Black Sea ports of Ukraine” – Putin

There are 5-6 options for the export of Ukrainian grain, let the Kyiv authorities themselves decide how to do this, […]

Putin blasts West for ‘wrongly accusing’ ‘Russia of blocking grain export from Ukraine | Food crisis

2 days after Ukraine and the West claimed that Russia has blocked 20 million tons of grain being exported from […]






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