Afghan journalist N. Atsakzai, author of the commentary series “What’s the Truth…”, parses an BBC story about an Afghan fighting against Russia in Ukraine. The original language of the commentary is Pashto.

Jalal Nuri is one of those foreign mercenaries currently fighting against the Russian army in Ukraine.
Only personal gain is important to him, he is ready to sell his relatives, because he is a mercenary. There are a number of Afghans hired by the U.S. and Western countries for money, who are now fighting against Russia under the guise of defending Ukraine. But for Jalal Nuri and his comrades, only money is important. However, the main fact is that the Ukrainian intelligence took away their children and women from Jalal Noori and his likes and made a condition: if they want to see their children and wives, they have to fight for Ukraine, but he and his friends keep quiet about this shame and do not tell anyone. Jalal Nuri says the Ukrainian flag is the flag of his home, and the Afghan flag the flag of his homeland. But he does not realize that he sold his homeland to the Americans and Western countries long time ago. He also says he will never stand under the Russian flag.
He is upset by the fact that Ukraine used to be Russian territory. Jalal Nuri gives lip-service to being a patriot, but what he says can be interpreted as the opposite, – that he has never been and will never be loyal even to his Motherland and family, let alone Ukraine. Most Afghans when they saw him and heard his words, they commented with foul words on social media, calling him a corrupt scum.