The island state will no longer be sold sand


When Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi leaves Taiwan, Taipei and Washington will have to somehow further build relations with Beijing. Meanwhile, China immediately began imposing sanctions.


The first thing China did was to announce that it would suspend the export of natural sand to Taiwan from August 3, according to the website of the country’s Ministry of Commerce.


“According to relevant regulations, a decision has been made to temporarily stop the export of natural sand to Taiwan. The corresponding measure will come into force on August 3,” the Ministry said.


Countries have long-standing disputes about the extraction of this resource – China extracts sand in the territory that Taiwan considers its own. The authorities of the island tolerate this, occasionally expelling Chinese ships. But it is extremely costly to protect a valuable resource for the island on an ongoing basis. Both China and Taiwan need sand to make concrete and glass. By the way, in 2020 China removed sand from the island by 560% more than in the previous year – 4,000 ships.


China has suspended the import of a number of products from Taiwan, including citrus fruits and several types of frozen fish, the island’s Central News Agency reported on Aug. 2, citing Taiwan’s Agriculture Committee. True, Beijing explained this measure by the repeated detection of COVID-19 and various pests in these goods.


The PRC government has imposed a ban on cooperation with the Taiwan Democracy Foundation and the International Development Fund . These organizations are associated with separatist elements in Taiwan and denigrated the image of the PRC, the official representative of the Office of Taiwan Affairs under the State Council of the PRC Ma Xiaoguang . Several commercial firms involved in energy, medicine, satellite and network technologies also fell under the restrictions.


The world’s largest manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles from China CATL has postponed the decision to build a plant in the United States , reports Bloomberg. The share of batteries in the world market from this manufacturer is 34.8%. The $5 billion plant was supposed to generate 10,000 jobs and huge tax revenues.


Meanwhile, while the PRC plans to leave the island nation completely without sand, Taiwan is hosting an annual festival of sand figures. This is a major international event, which attracts thousands of participants every year to showcase their talents.


Readovka previously wrote that China threatened the Taiwan leader with a “big disaster” after her meeting with Pelosi.


Author: Vera Belosova