April 1, 2023

Fox News host Sean Hannity previewed what former President Donald Trump’s arraignment in criminal court next week might look like.

SEAN HANNITY: We have new details from Alvin Bragg’s repulsive political witch hunt. According to sources that we have, Bragg demanded that Donald Trump turn himself in today, less than 24 hours after the grand jury voted unfairly to indict him. But because of security concerns, the arraignment won’t take place until next week, probably on Tuesday afternoon. Donald Trump will be booked. He will be fingerprinted. There will be a mug shot. The media mob, they will get their so desired mug shot. Now, my gut instinct tells me that my friend, my colleague Pete Hegseth, who was on last time, he’s going to be proven correct. That photograph will end up on more T-shirts and more hats that say MAGA and Trump 2024. It will also appear before Judge Juan Merchan, who, by the way, the very same judge who is accused of railroading the former CFO of the Trump Organization. Now, according to Trump, quote, ‘The judge assigned to my witch hunt case hates me’ Now at this point, would you expect anything less? This is not a criminal case. This is a political hatchet job. And by the way, there will be no settlement, according to a source close to President Trump. He plans to fight this to the very end. 

The first step will most certainly be a motion to immediately dismiss all of the charges on three separate grounds. We’ll go over this with our attorneys tonight in the course of the program. One, the faulty legal theory. We don’t know the exact charges, but allegedly what Bragg is doing is attempting to bootstrap a misdemeanor documents crime to an FEC charge that has never been done before and might not even be legal in and of itself. The second thing, Trump’s lawyers will likely argue that the case is beyond the statute of limitations, which they are. After all, there is a two-year limit on charges related to mislabeling documents. Now, the third reason for a dismissal involves prosecutorial misconduct. Here you have a D.A. responsible for the charges. His name is Alvin Bragg. He ran on a campaign promise to go after one man, Donald Trump, one family, the Trump family, one organization, the Trump organization. Now, I think all of that clearly reeks of political bias, don’t you?