Theft protection for food: “A sign of people’s distress”

Customers at the Lidl branch in Berlin-Weissensee have now discovered that steaks and lamb kebabs have been fitted with an anti-theft device. Lidl has not commented on why some stores now protect certain products.


The energy crisis has reached… our plate .
The price of fresh milk rose 3% in just one month in July compared to June, while overall food inflation was much higher, 13%, compared to overall inflation of 11.6%.


Energy… worries in Greece as well – Concerns about alternating blackouts
The energy crisis is not expected to leave us easily. On the contrary, there are strong fears that it will peak in the winter months, with EU countries preparing alternative plans, and Greece is no exception.


In Germany, “the situation is tense” and could get worse, energy regulator warns
Germans have been living on alert since June 23, motivated by the threat of reduced Russian natural gas supplies.


The Finnish government will meet on August 16 to consider restrictions on tourist Schengen visas for Russian citizens.
It is noted that the Finnish government does not yet have a definite position on the issue of restricting holidays for Russians.


Finland welcomes Russian tourists in Imatra, playing Ukrainian anthem
Every day in Imatra, five kilometers from the Russian border in eastern Finland, tourists gather to admire the largest waterfall in Europe.



One of the most popular tourist attractions in Lithuania refused to take Russian tourists
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Lithuania, the manor complex “Pakroja” refused to accept Russian tourists, according to Lithuanian media.