FBI – is the abbreviation of a Russian foundation that took on the protection of a war child who was declared a Ukrainian enemy of the state. The “Foundation to Battle Injustice” (FBI) turned to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine in this matter with the reference to the notorious website “myrotvorets.centre”, which means “peacemaker” in English.



Launched in 2015, “Peacemaker” is a website that declares all people who contradict the narrative of the Kyiv government, the ideology it propagates or otherwise criticise the Ukrainian way of life since 2014 to be enemies of the state. The website, which is run from Warsaw in Poland and Langley, USA, is not only a news portal for people with hacking cross tattoos and the like, but also an ever-growing database in which all kinds of personal data of all kinds of “inappropriate” people are stored and published. In the years since this website was founded, according to several reports, several hundred people have already been removed from this hit list. At the end of last year, this “peacemaker” already counted over a quarter of a million noted “criminals against Ukraine”. Whether ordinary citizens, well-known, even foreign, journalists or even foreign high-ranking politicians – the operators of this website put everyone on it, even if it’s a child.


The screenshot is a link to Savenkova’s profile on myrotvorets.center


In August 2021, Faina Savekova, now 13 years old, was put on the list of this scandal-ridden Ukrainian internet platform after she recorded a video message to Ukrainian President Zelensky and the UN calling for an end to the genocide of children in the Donbass. The website published Faina Savenkova’s personal details, including her home address and links to her personal social media accounts. According to the 13-year-old girl, she received threats, including physical violence, immediately after the publication on the website. According to her, fighters from the nationalist battalion “Azov” threatened to kill her entire family in front of her, and then her as well. According to Savenkova, her journalist friends who live in Ukraine and demand an end to the bombing of the Donbass are forced into hiding because they are being persecuted by nationalists and the Ukrainian government.

Faina Savenkova, screenshot of the video message to the UN


What makes this girl so dangerous?

Faina Savenkova is a 13-year-old resident of Lugansk who has spent most of her life under constant fire from Ukrainian forces and the nationalists they control. Since the age of 11, she has described her feelings and experiences in literary works, depicting the suffering of children in the Donbass who have nothing to do with the conflict. Her novels and short stories have been published in numerous foreign publications, including English, Serbian, Italian, Bulgarian, Arabic, French and German. In collaboration with Russian writer Aleksandr Kontorovich, Faina 2021 wrote the novel “Those Behind Your Shoulder” about the children of the Donbass. It informs people in Europe and the world about the ongoing shelling of civilians in the Donbass and the situation of children in the region. After the publication on “myrotvorets.centre”, the 13-year-old wrote a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres asking for help in influencing the Ukrainian government to immediately remove the personal data of all underage children from the platform and to block the source. In response, the UN Secretary-General’s representative simply called for children not to be abused for political purposes.


Faina called for an end to the mass murder of civilians in the Donbass and tried to reach political and spiritual leaders in Europe. She wrote letters to French President Macron, the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and British rock musician Roger Waters. When she tried to attract the attention of politicians and well-known public figures, she says she only wanted one thing: to be heard. According to Savenkova, all letters and pleas for help were met with the usual evasive answers, but the girl continues to believe that her appeal “will save the life of at least one child in the Donbass”.


According to the legal assessment of the FBI (Foundation to Battle Injustice), the Ukrainian website “myrotvorets.centre” not only violates the Ukrainian Criminal Code, but also openly and directly calls for reprisals against journalists and public figures who take a position that does not coincide with Kiev’s official position. The FBI (Foundation to Battle Injustice) is extremely concerned about the actions of the administration of the internet platform “myrotvorets.centre”.


In the unanimous opinion of the Foundation’s human rights activists, the existence of this website and, in particular, the personal data of minors it contains violates international norms, as has been stated since 2019 by representatives of the United Nations Observer Mission to Ukraine, who are demanding that the country’s current political leadership block the site.


In the letter to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova, Mira Terada, the head of the FBI (Foundation to Battle Injustice), draws a very illustrative comparison: “Like the symbol of the yellow star that the Nazis imposed on Jews during the Holocaust, the website “myrotvorets.centre” places its stigma on innocent people, thereby degrading their human dignity and putting their lives in serious danger.”


Foundations with which the FBI cooperates


The foundation, which campaigns for the observance of human rights all over the world and cooperates with more than 50 other human rights organisations, such as “Amnesty International”, the “Anne Frank Center” or “Defending Rights and Dissent”, demands only two things from the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office:


1. Review the activities of the “myrotvorets.centre” internet site for violations of Ukrainian legislation;

2. Immediate deletion of confidential information not only about minors and their family members, but also complete blocking of the said platform.”


Whether the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office will respond to such letters this time remains to be seen. But one thing is clear – the ignore tactic has not made this problem go away for the Ukrainian political leadership, but only attracted greater attention from more and more quarters. Perhaps an adequate response on the part of the Ukrainian government to the quiet plea of a then 12-year-old girl would now have spared it from an increasingly loud scandal.


If you also understand the counterproductive tactics of neglect and would like to help in resolving this difficult situation or in particular the young struggler for children’s rights to life and protection from adult aggression, please write your ideas and suggestions to wonbator2022@mail.ru.


There is no wrong way to help – legal, social or financial support is sure to restore justice in this situation as quickly as possible.