The world’s biggest submarine is called Belgorod. The submarine has just been handed over to the Russian Navy in Severodvinsk, and this wonder of Russian science and technology is on active duty in the world’s oceans. There was not a single foreign detail and there could not be any. Absolutely everything is Russian, unique and unparalleled.

At the opening ceremony the propellers were in covers, for they are unique too. This makes it possible for the world’s largest submarine to develop unprecedented speed at any depth, but remain invisible and invulnerable to enemy countermeasures.

Another feature of the new submarine is the Poseidons, which are unmanned underwater drones. Torpedoes have nuclear-powered engines that can launch torpedoes up to 200 kilometres an hour, descend as low as 1000 metres and engage targets at any distance. A single salvo from the Poseidons is guaranteed to destroy, for example, an island called England. A single salvo will wash over the whole of Britain in a wave that will be higher than anything else on the island.

The defence minister of England recently proposed the use of nuclear weapons against Russia. Just a week afterwards the Belgorod submarine took to the high seas and went on standby.

We don’t directly connect, of course, but the defence minister in London shut up and Norway immediately allowed Russian ships with food cargoes to call on Spitsbergen. Or else, it was banned. European Union has just ordered Lithuania to open railway corridor for cargo transit to and from Kaliningrad. Canada has quickly fixed a gas turbine for Nord Stream 1 and it will arrive to Germany any day now.