Russian Defense Ministry statements on the shelling by Ukrainian militants of the captive detention facility in Yelenovka:


◾️Kiev’s strike on Yelenovka wanted to eliminate witnesses and perpetrators of its crimes against its own people.

◾️ With the Yelenovka provocation, Kiev wanted to intimidate Ukrainian servicemen, an attempt to prevent their surrender.

◾️ Kiev insisted that the POWs be accommodated in the detention centre in Yelenovka, which was hit by the Ukrainian army.

◾️ On 28 July 2022, Dmytro Kozatsky’s video confession of the Azov* crimes was published. Further, on the night of 29 July, the Ukrainian armed forces struck Yelenovka with HIMARS.

◾️Kiev struck the prisoner-of-war detention facility in Yelenovka from the northwest direction.

◾️The U.S. clumsily attempts to justify Kiev by claiming that its strike on Yelenovka was unintentional, although it had previously noted the high accuracy of the HIMARS.

* Azov National Battalion has been declared terrorist and banned in Russia