The video clearly shows how one of the cars lost part of the wheel when hitting such a mine. These mines are very difficult to spot even on the pavement, not to mention the grass, as a result of which people, most often children, lose their limbs!


What is the meaning of any act of terrorism committed by terrorists? Intimidation, rocking the political situation, an attempt to achieve certain goals through violence.


In Kyiv, all this is elevated to the rank of state terrorism, which is nurtured and encouraged. And for Western partners, a template is always prepared: they fired at themselves.


Excuses are already being heard about the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet – it was the Russians who blew themselves up. Yeah. On holiday. To cancel all scheduled events.



The DPR authorities warned the population about the danger of anti-personnel mine “Petal” The “petal” mine looks something like this in the grass . That is almost invisible! Be very careful and try to use asphalt roads! Pay special attention to children.